After over a decade in business, a Fox Chapel-based ink tech and e-textile company is looking forward to growth after its latest raise. Liquid X manufactures particle-free metallic inks. The company is unique, VP of Operations Beth Vasy told, not only because its ink products can be printed on textiles, but because they maintain a level of durability and versatility across printing mediums, from medical devices to solar panels to t-shirts.

The company raised $2.5 million in December, to be divided in three tranches over the next two years. With the new funding, Liquid X leadership plans to add to their staff, and it also brings the company closer to being a self-sustaining entity.

“We have the ability to design, do the electrical engineering, prototyping, and pilot scale production,” she said. “We’re going to have some really exciting product offerings to offer at upcoming trade shows that will highlight [our company] and some really exciting things coming up.”

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