Liquid X® EMI Shielding

Liquid X’s EMI Shielding capabilities encompass the board and chip level, box level and system level.

Through additive manufacturing techniques and utilizing its proprietary particle-free ink formulations, Liquid X offers a solution for EMI Shielding applications that minimizes material waste and processing steps while providing consistent shielding effectiveness across a large frequency range.

Product Advantages

  • Ability to deposit compatible composite layers and alloys for enhanced reflection and absorption
  • Consistent shielding capabilities across a large frequency
  • Additive manufacturing techniques minimize steps in the manufacturing and ensure limited material waste for process cost reduction
  • Ability to coat a wide array of substrates, including thin, flexible plastics and fabrics
  • Enhanced durability due to the thinner film of particle-free ink

Current applications include:

  • Aerospace
  • Communication Equipment
  • Laptops and Cell Phones
  • Life Science
  • Defense

Shielding Effectiveness

30MHz to 1.5GHz

EMI Shielding Applications

Tailored solutions for any industry

Liquid X® products are custom engineered and tested to perform in nearly any application. Learn how we can facilitate the use of our functional electronic products in your application, create a prototype, and get it to market faster.