About Liquid X®

About Liquid X, PittsburghA Carnegie Mellon University startup, Liquid X® was founded in 2010 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We originated as a manufacturer of particle-free inks: a disruptive ink technology based on the atomic level of the metal which requires less silver loading, provides processing advantages and achieves better metal film properties than metal nanoparticle or flakes. Initially established based on our line of silver inkjet inks, we have grown our product line significantly to include gold and metal alloy inks as well as ink formulations for flexo, gravure, direct write and most recently, screen printing.

Our years of experience in the development of our proprietary inks gives us a valuable understanding of compatibility with substrates, viscosity and surface tension requirements for all deposition methods, and the formulation adjustments required to achieve film/trace characteristics necessary for the application. This knowledge, along with our internal printing and testing capabilities, has allowed us to expand our scope in the printed electronics marketplace from being a supplier to a strategic partner to electronic device manufacturers. We now have the ability to develop and test functional prototype components based on our customer designs and then scale to commercialization volume. Our functional components include biosensing devices, resistive heating elements, color changing technology, LED circuitry, EMI shielding, passive RFID, energy harvesting and storage, command controls (capacitive touch, proximity, FSR), and fully integrated systems.

Our overarching goal is to help take our customers’ device concepts to commercialization by enabling printed electronics for the development of functional components. Through the use of our particle-free ink, printing capabilities and technical expertise, we will develop low cost, highly functional solutions tailored to precisely fit your needs.

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Our goal is to work with partners across the value chain in a number of markets to aid in furthering Printed Electronics technology in general.
Richard McCullough

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We anticipate continuing to grow with the printed electronics market and becoming more involved in developing new and exciting technologies penetrating throughout the industry.
Beth Vasy