Product Demo Videos

We have in-house capabilities through our prototyping services to design, build and test functional components based on customer application requirements. Explore our innovative technologies by viewing our featured videos below.

Textile-based Proximity Sensor

The proximity sensor is built directly on the textile with surface mounted components.

Textile-based Capacitive Touch Sensors

Liquid X is developing capacitive touch sensors for use in a wide array of applications.

Proximity Sensor on PET

A long range proximity sensor is built on PET with surface mounted components.

Temperature Sensor on PET

This sensor is designed to read temperature changes. A hot air gun is used to provide hot air while the ice cube simulates cold. The sensor responds accordingly.

Stretchability of Liquid X® Ink on Fabric

Liquid X’s unique, particle-free conductive ink conformally coats the fabric threads, allowing for stretchability on textiles. The video shows the resistance decreasing (as opposed to increasing) as the fabric is stretched.

Bendability of Liquid X®‘s Silver Ink on Fabric

This glove demo, provided by North Carolina State University’s College of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science, shows the bendability of Liquid X’s silver ink printed directly onto textiles.