Liquid X® E-Textiles


SEM Imaging of Liquid X’s particle-free
ink on woven polyester fabric

Liquid X is utilizing its proprietary, particle-free ink as the enabling technology for the development of electronically integrated textile (e-textile) devices.

Through additive manufacturing techniques, Liquid X’s particle-free ink is deposited directly onto the fabric, conformally coating the fibers of the fabric to create highly conductive traces, enabling cost-effective, durable solutions for textile-based products while maintaining the integrity of the base fabric material.

Product Advantages

  • Ink deposited directly on fabric minimizes processing steps
  • Integrates directly into proven and trusted coating process (inkjet printing) for textile industry
  • Liquid X’s proprietary particle-free ink acts as a dye on the fabric, conformally coating the fabric fibers

Process Advantages

  • Bendable …
    Tested up to 10,000 bend cycles in accordance with ASTM D522 *
  • Stretchable up to 180% … View the video
  • Washable … tested up to 100 cycles *
  • Protective coatings and dielectrics available for added protection
  • Hardware mounted directly onto the conductive trace using epoxy, solder paste, snaps, etc.
  • Maintains integrity of fabric (softness, breathability, etc.)

Durability Testing Results*

E-Textile Durability Testing

Current Applications

  • Health & Wellness Monitoring
    • Biosensing (EKG, EMG, temperature, etc.)
  • User Comfort
    • Resistive heating elements
  • Fashion
    • Color changing technology
    • LED circuitry
  • Defense
    • EMI Shielding
    • Connected Soldier
  • Tracking
    • Passive RFID
  • Energy Harvesting & Storage
    • Triboelectric Nanogenerators (TENG)
    • Printed batteries
    • Wireless charging
  • Command Controls
    • Capacitive touch
    • Proximity
    • Force Sensitive Resistors (FSR)
  • Connectivity
    • Surface mount components for hardware connection
    • Printed flexible circuits
      • Connecting multiple products to create an integrated system without using wires
    • Bluetooth connectivity for connection to other devices

Scholarly Publications

Kirigami‐Inspired Textile Electronics: K.I.T.E.
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Inkjet Process for Conductive Patterning on Textiles: Maintaining Inherent Stretchability and Breathability in Knit Structures
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Tailored solutions for any industry

Liquid X® products are custom engineered and tested to perform in nearly any application. Learn how we can facilitate the use of our functional electronic products in your application, create a prototype, and get it to market faster.

OEKO-TEX Certfication