Liquid X is partnering with Powercast, the pioneer and leader of RF-based, long range, wireless technology, to create next generation smart shirts that showcase wireless charging capabilities. Utilizing Liquid X’s proprietary particle free conductive ink, the antenna is printed directly on fabric to harvest and convert the RF energy broadcasted by the Powercast transmitter to light LEDs mounted directly on the printed traces.

PowercastCombining Powercast’s embedded wireless power technology with Liquid X’s particle-free ink as the enabling technology for the development of e-textile devices, introduces the ability to manufacture cost-effective, durable solutions for textile-based products without the requirement of a battery pack, a typically limiting design factor in e-textile development.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based companies will be showcasing the shirts at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7-10th. Please stop by the Powercast booth #42161, Sands Expo to learn more about the product and Liquid X’s capabilities as well as Powercast’s array of consumer products featuring its RF wireless power technology.

About Powercast

Powercast, established in 2003, is the leading provider of RF-based wireless power technologies that work in the far field (up to 80 feet) to provide power-over-distance, eliminate or reduce the need for batteries, and power or charge devices without wires and connectors. Founded with the vision of enabling untethered devices powered over the air, Powercast continues to create the most efficient, safe and highest power harvesting technology achievable while complying with the FCC and other global standards. Powercast’s IP portfolio includes 57 patents worldwide (32 in the US) and 29 patents pending –

About Liquid X

Liquid X, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an advanced material manufacturer of functional metallic inks that takes an application from prototype to production.
Liquid X partners with manufacturers within the electronics industry to develop and print functional components utilized in various devices, including sensors; heating elements; smart textiles and many others. Through our proprietary particle-free inks, printing capabilities and technical expertise, we take an application from concept to commercialization using additive manufacturing techniques.

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