The wearable market has been growing quickly. Printed Electronics Now, an online magazine covering the latest news in the field of printed electronics, interviewed companies who are involved in developing exciting technologies throughout the industry.

“This market is evolving as materials are being developed that enable the functionality of almost any imaginable substrate, including textiles and nonwovens,” explains Beth Vasy, VP of Operations at Liquid X.

She mentioned five key areas: integration, interaction/communication, practicality, connection and scalability.

“With the introduction of any new material or technology, engineers have to design to meet the application needs given the properties of the new material,” she said. “It takes time for that adjustment to take place and also to explore what new technology can be enabled by the new materials.”

Liquid X is a strategic partner to electronic device manufacturers, with the ability to develop and test functional prototype components tailored to precisely fit their needs. Learn more about Liquid X’s product prototyping capabilities and functional ink products.

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