Liquid X has completed a round of funding and plans to move to accommodate a larger lab space and new operating equipment. This Pittsburgh Business Times article, written by Patty Tascarella, describes how Liquid X Printed Metals raised $1.4 million from investors for operating expenses.

The move to RIDC Parkway West is expected to take place by July 1 and will enable Liquid X to capitalize on growth opportunities.

William Newlin, head of Sewickley-based Newlin Investment Co., lead investor in the newly completed funding round, said he believes Liquid X is on the threshold of a successful commercial launch.

“We’re very excited about the accomplishments to date and the opportunity now to take our electronic printing prototypes into actual customer sales,” Newlin said. “Greg Babe has done an excellent job of providing both the technology and commercial leadership to make Liquid X a leader in the ability to actually print metals like gold and silver, which are key components in products like printing on fabrics or in iPhones.”

Read more about Liquid X’s technology, and for the complete published article, visit the Pittsburgh Business Times.