MacDermid Performance Solutions experts from around the globe came together at the inaugural MacDermid Innovation Summit in Peachtree City, GA to discuss new product development, ranging in topics from technology development to commercialization. Participants consisted of Research & Development (R&D) personnel, product managers and new business development colleagues, among others. MacDermid Performance Solutions creates innovative, technological advances for companies in the electronics, graphic arts, metals and plastic plating, offshore oil production and drilling industries.

Greg BabeGreg Babe, President and CEO of Liquid X Printed Metals, Inc, attended the summit and served as a keynote speaker, discussing his Innovation, Research and Development (R&D) experience with both early stage start-ups and industrial giants. Participants were interested in discussing how companies make R&D investment decisions, appropriate sized R&D investments and make-versus buy decisions for companies of all sizes. Babe shared examples from Liquid X, his 36-year career at multi-national Bayer, and from Matthews International.