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Liquid X is a technology company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that manufactures functional metallic inks. Our superior technology transforms various metals into ink form which is then deposited onto a wide variety of substrates. When energy is applied (i.e. heat, photonic, IR, etc.), the ink converts to the base metal and exhibits comparable features.

Liquid X™ Technology

Liquid X inks allow customers to print metal traces and films that deliver the results comparable to the bulk metal. We have taken the market's highly demanded attributes and wrapped them into one product offering, providing better functionality through a more cost effective approach.

Liquid X inks are unique because, unlike other metallic conductive inks, our products contain actual metal atoms, not nanoparticles or metal flakes. The processing parameters of Liquid X metallic inks are attractive because of low viscosity and outstanding adhesion to most substrates, including Eagle display glass, Gorilla glass, PET, Kapton and coating. The resulting films or traces exhibit desirable characteristics such as high conductivity, thin and precise features, and excellent adhesion. In addition, low viscosity provides the opportunity to deposit via inkjet and aerosol jet in additive manufacturing applications.

Ink Specifications

PropertiesLXPM Silver Data
Conductivity>1 x 107 S/m
Film/Trace Thickness<100 nm
Conversion temperatures110-200 °C
Viscosity <20 Cps (can formulate thicker)
Adhesion (inorganic and organic) Pass on all substrates tested

Market Opportunities

  • Printed Electronics
  • 3D Printing

While we have identified these market opportunities, contact us if you have other applications for Liquid X inks.

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If you have  questions about Liquid X Printed Metals inks or technology, please contact us.

Beth Vasy, Vice President of Operations


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