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Liquid X® is creating innovative & economical solutions for functional electronics fabrication by enabling additive manufacturing techniques

Liquid X Printed Metals® (Liquid X®), headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an advanced material manufacturer of functional metallic inks that takes an application from prototype to production.

Liquid X® partners with manufacturers within the electronics industry to develop and print functional components utilized in various devices, including thin film solar cells; OLEDs; wearables and many others. Through our proprietary particle free inks, printing capabilities and technical expertise, we have the ability to take an application from concept to commercialization using additive manufacturing techniques.

The Liquid X® Advantage

Liquid X® Metallic Inks

  • Particle-free formulation

  • Water-based system

  • Tunable viscosity

  • High conductivity

  • Thin metal films/traces
  • Excellent adhesion

  • Durable, continuous metal films/traces
  • Highly reflective films

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Our Technical Capabilities

  • Application-based ink formulation and development

  • Experience with multiple metals and alloys

  • R2R and S2S printing

  • Printing via multiple commercial methods

  • Prototyping

  • Substrate micro-structuring

  • In-house performance testing

  • Wide range of industry experience

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Our Strength

We provide the technology, process expertise and support to help take you from concept to commercialization

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Metallic Inks

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