Using additive manufacturing techniques along with our proprietary inks, we have developed functional electronic components for use in a wide range of applications and industries. Our ink formulations as well as printing and curing methods are selected based on application requirements such as device performance (conductivity and process temperatures), manufacturing time and temperature restrictions, ink characteristics (line width and thickness) and substrate selection.

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Textile-based Conductors

Liquid X™ has developed a proprietary pretreatment process and ink formulation that allows for metallization of fabric fibers, creating a highly conductive trace directly on the fabric without compromising the characteristics of the fabric. Our textile-based conductors can stretch up to 180% without electrical loss and have been tested for bendability, washability and abrasion resistance. We have experience working with a wide array of materials including polyester-based woven, nonwoven and knit fabrics, nylon, cotton and more. Our textile-based conductors can be used as electrodes or interconnects for many e-textile applications, including heated seats and wearables for health and fitness monitoring.

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Printed Circuits

Utilizing multiple deposition techniques, Liquid X™ has the ability to design and print very narrow, uniform circuits on a wide variety of substrates. By adjusting circuit design and deposition method, we can manipulate the resistance to meet our customer’s target performance needs. Current printed circuit applications include NFC tags for functional smart packaging, resistive heaters for automotive applications and more. We have experience printing circuits on paper, plastics, Polycarbonate, ABS, nonwoven fabrics and other additional substrates

Reflective Coatings

Using our proprietary particle-free ink formulations, we can create highly reflective coatings with a mirror-like finish. Our reflective coatings have been tested for reflectance and environmental durability (humidity/temperature cycling, thermal shock, solar stability, etc.).

reflective coating
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Printed Interconnects and Electrodes

Liquid X™ has experience printing bus bars, backplanes for thin film PV and electrodes for biomarkers, sensors and microfluidic channels. We have displayed the ability to create electrodes via substrate micro-structuring and direct printing on flexible substrates. We can design, print and test interconnects to ensure our prints are capable of meeting our customers’ electrical performance requirements.

Transparent Conductive Film

Developed to replace ITO as a transparent electrode in applications that include thin film PV, displays and touch screens, our transparent conductive films can achieve sheet resistances of less than 10 Ω/□ without sacrificing transparency and haze.

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Tailored solutions for any industry

Liquid X™ products are custom engineered and tested to perform in nearly any application. Learn how we can facilitate the use of our functional electronic products in your application, create a prototype, and get it to market faster.