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Using additive manufacturing techniques along with our proprietary inks, we have developed functional electronic components for use in a wide range of applications and industries. Our ink formulations as well as printing and curing methods are selected based on application requirements such as device performance (conductivity and process temperatures), manufacturing time and temperature restrictions, ink characteristics (line width and thickness) and substrate selection.

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Transparent Conductive Film

Developed to replace ITO as a transparent electrode in applications that include thin film PV, OLED lighting, displays and touch screens, our transparent conductive films can achieve sheet resistances of less than 10 Ω/□ without sacrificing transparency and haze.

Conductive Fabrics

Liquid X® has developed a proprietary pretreatment process and ink formulation that allows for metallization of the fibers, creating a highly conductive fabric without compromising the characteristics of the fabric. Our conductive fabrics can stretch beyond 100% and withstand many bend, stretch and abrasion tests with no hindrance in conductivity. We have experience working with a wide array of materials including wovens, nonwovens, polyesters, nylon, spandex, blends and more. Our coated fabrics can be used as electrodes or interconnects for many e-textile applications.

Liquid X® also has the ability to successfully print highly conductive traces on TPU for lamination onto fabrics. Through an encapsulation process, we can produce electrodes and interconnects that remain conductive through many wash, abrasion, bend and stretch tests.

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Printed Electrodes

We have experience printing designs for use as backplanes of OLED lighting/displays panels, thin film PV applications, electrodes for biomarkers, sensors, RFID tags and microfluidic channels. We have also displayed the ability to create electrodes via substrate micro-structuring and direct printing on flexible substrates.

Printed Circuits

Our ability to print very thin line widths using multiple deposition methods make Liquid X® the right choice for your printed circuit needs. Whether it is printing a custom circuit design for a printed sensor or PCB, we can help you reach your conductivity requirements while ensuring we are achieving the correct line widths and thicknesses for your specific application.

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Tailored solutions for any industry

Liquid X® products are custom engineered and tested to perform in nearly any application. Learn how we can facilitate the use of our functional electronic products in your application, create a prototype, and get it to market faster.