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About Liquid X®

Liquid X, PittsburghLiquid X Printed Metals®, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that manufactures functional metallic inks. Liquid X® inks are considered disruptive in that their technology is on the atomic level. This provides processing advantages and achieves better metal film properties than other metallic inks that feature nanoparticles and metal flakes.

Liquid X® has developed a technology that transforms metals into liquid metal inks that can be deposited onto a wide variety of substrates such as Eagle display glass, Gorilla glass, quartz, fabrics, PET, Kapton, ITO and coatings. Out metallic inks can be printed via inkjet, flexography, gravure and aerosol jet, and upon applying energy (thermal, photonic, IR), convert to metal films/traces that have electrical conductivities close to that of bulk metal – even at nanometer scale thickness.

Our goal is to take our innovative technology to the next level by partnering with companies who can utilize our breakthrough features and explore the possibilities, while pushing the boundaries in the functional ink market.

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Our goal is to work with partners across the value chain in a number of markets to aid in furthering Printed Electronics technology in general.
Richard McCullough
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We anticipate continuing to grow with the printed electronics market and becoming more involved in developing new and exciting technologies penetrating throughout the industry.
Beth Vasy